Your office is a visual statement of who you are.  We may not want to admit it, but the environment we work in reflects on who we are not only to our employees, coworkers, clients, and customers but also to ourselves.  A cluttered desk, a battered file cabinet, and an outdated computer table say one thing.  An elegant handcrafted roll top desk and oak office suite say something else. We spend thousands of hours in our office.  Make it a space that you are proud of and that works for you.

Although there’s no one style of interior decoration that fits all needs, it’s smart to include certain elements in any office.  Here are a few things to consider when creating or updating your space.

The desk is usually the heart of any office.  You might want to begin by looking for a desk that suits your style and work needs.  An executive desk demonstrates both responsibility and stature.  This classic style may require a computer station along the side, but it’s ideal for meetings and most other work in a commercial office

Desk hutches and incorporated computer desks or computer centers allow you to keep everything you need at arm’s reach.  A hutch might add an intimate feeling and is great for home offices or workspaces that strive for a more personal look.

Both secretary and roll top desks are timeless classics which almost always get noticed.  If you like the old style but need a modern workspace, don’t worry.  Many of these traditional styles now have pulled out computer shelves, outlet spaces, and file drawers.

After you settle on the desk, you can select other office furniture that blends and builds the room.  Check out both open and closed bookcases, wooden file cabinets, Dictionary or book stands,  and decorative pieces.