Sometimes an old, tired room can be new again simply by rearranging the furniture and adding a few simple pieces. Since handmade Amish furniture is made to last for generations, changing the living room around can revitalize your space while saving you money.  If you like a classic look, change your sofa, coffee table, accent tables and chairs following these simple suggestions for a brand new look and feel.

Formal living room and family room spaces are laid out on a square or rectangular grid.  All of the major furniture pieces are lined up or set at right angles.  An area rug can define the space; line up rocking chairs, sofas and love seats along the edge.  A coffee table or decorative chest can act as a functional centerpiece. If you are adding a media center or display cabinet, try to keep it on the same grid pattern.

You can increase the structural gravitas of the room by including multiple pieces of both furniture and framed art.  Matching chairs or lamps help ground the room.  Try to keep these matching items on the same line or side of your squared layout. Consider ‘bookending’ a sofa or fireplace to help define your space.  Wall art in identically sized frames lined evenly adds a sense of grandeur. Adding these smaller pieces can make a major difference in your room’s design.

Don’t forget the color palette!  You might consider painting the walls or changing the area carpet.  Add a few new pillows and a throw to help coordinate the colors.  Try to pick up some of the colors with knick-knacks or art items in your curio cabinet.  Also, consider continuing the color theme in your artwork or in the matting in which you display your favorite photos or drawings.