The Amish cedar chest may hold treasures, and the dining room buffet may be a family heirloom, but the grandfather clock reminds us of history. The melodic ticking and gentle chimes of these fine timepieces tend to summon the memory of times gone by. Let’s take a few minutes and remember 6 of the most famous clocks ever made.

  1. Big Ben – England’s most famous clock began ticking in 1859.  Big Ben actually refers to the bell but its actual name is the Great Clock of Westminster.  It is the third tallest clock tower in the world.
  2. Niagra Park’s Floral Clock – You might be tempted to set up a patio table and smell the flowers.  The clock is made up to 16,000 plants which are changed twice a year.
  3. Yokohama, Japan’s Giant Ferris Wheel – Look at the center of this amusement ride behemoth and you’ll see a very large digital clock.
  4. March Hare’s Watch – The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland that never wanted to be late carried an oversized pocket watch.  Maybe if this magical land had a few more mantle clocks our long-eared friend would always be on time.
  5. Cinderella’s Midnight Clock – When the maiden in glass slippers arrived at the palace she may not have noticed the palace clock, but when it struck 12 she responded.  Although nobody’s sure exactly what type of clock stood in the castle, we’re guessing it was probably a grandfather clock, (or maybe a fairy godmother clock?)

A handcrafted clock adds that extra something that makes a room memorable. Everybody notices fine timepieces; it’s a room accent with a timeless purpose.  Set up a lamp, a rocking chair and a clock in the corner and you’ll have the perfect spot to enjoy countless hours of bliss.