Since its inception in 2007, PlushBeds has served as a comfortable alternative to the more traditional mattress brands in the market. The primary objective of the company is to produce high-quality beds that, are environmentally friendly, offer a comfortable surface to sleep on and do not utilize toxic chemicals and materials. All PlushBeds products meet the required standards for safety and comfort such as GOLS, USDA, and GreenGuard.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress, will the main focus of this review guide. The main standout feature of the mattress is that it is built with 100 percent natural latex. That’s not all; the mattress is designed with environmentally friendly and organic products that are safe for both your home and the environment.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Botanical Bliss Mattress, and to see if it is worth the hype, and praise it is getting, we will take a detailed view on the mattress, look at the firmness levels, and sizes available. We will also look at materials used in the production process, the various construction methods employed, and lots more. In the end, we will determine if the bed provides a cool, comfortable, and supportive surface to sleep on, as the company claims.

Botanical Bliss Mattress Construction

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress is designed using completely natural materials and products. The mattress is constructed to be durable, and long lasting without any compromise in quality. Each mattress goes through various stages of quality control tests, to ensure it is up to standard before it is shipped to the final consumer. The tests often encompass the use of computer simulations, and up to date equipment and technology.

The Botanical Bliss Mattress comes in different sizes and firmness levels. What distinguishes each of the sizes and firmness is the thickness of each foam layer. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress usually comes with the following layers:

Organic Cotton Cover: It is a common occurrence to find many mattresses produced with toxic chemicals like volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde that are not safe for your home, and the environment. PlushBeds ensures it doesn’t utilize any toxic chemicals, and strictly uses organic cotton covers that are made from cotton that is cultivated naturally without the aid of any chemicals or additives.

In addition, the cotton fabric gives the mattress certain traits such as breathability, and a comforting feel. The organic cotton on the mattress comes with a proprietary circular knit that helps to enhance the elasticity of the fabric, and also maintain the surface of the mattress to be wrinkle free all through its entire life cycle.

New Zealand Wool: This layer is beneath the organic cotton cover. The New Zealand Wool filling acts a perfect alternative for individuals that are allergic to certain materials like feathers and synthetic materials. Besides, the layer helps the bed to retain coolness during the summer, and heat during winter. New Zealand Wool is a premium sourced wool, and this adds another layer of quality to the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress.

Natural Talalay Latex Layer: This layer is directly underneath the cotton cover. It is a very thick cover designed from organic latex. This layer helps in cooling, and it is amazingly buoyant, hence why you find it in lots of top-end quality mattresses. In addition, latex is resistant to mildew, dust mite, and mold.

Arpico’s Dense Cell Structure: This specific brand of latex gives the mattress the ability to absorb pressure while maintaining its firmness. The Arpico’s dense cell structure, allows sleepers to enjoy a healthy sleep, without the fear of waking up with cramps.

PlushBeds does one interesting thing with all the layers of their mattress; they do not glue them together. Instead, they allow natural latex to act as abrasive and hold the layers in place. This small but essential feature allows PlushBeds not to use unnatural products, chemicals and glues to keep the layers in place.

Also, this feature affords users the ability to switch layers. So. If later on, you decide you want a softer or firmer mattress, all you need to do is order a single layer and change it, without resulting to buy a whole new mattress. Now, that’s going to save you on cost in the future.


Firmness is one of the key quality traits persons look out for in a mattress. PlushBeds uses the Impression Load Index (ILD) of latex to measure the exact firmness of the Botanical Bliss Mattress. They use the metric to determine the softness and firmness of the mattress. They utilize this information to create different mattresses with three distinct thickness levels. This extensive range of mattress is suited to customers who have varying tastes.

PlushBeds 12-inch Botanical Bliss Mattress is the softest of the model. It comes with 5 inches of Talalay Latex underneath the organic cotton cover. This model is made for sleepers who look for maximum comfort in their mattress, with just the right blend of support. The next model is the 10-inch mattress.

It comes with 3 inches of latex that provides just the right comfortable layer, and a soft buffer. The 9-inch mattress, on the other hand, s the most supportive model out of the three. It is designed with 2 inches of latex layer. The 9-inch model is very comfortable, although it reduces the number of pressure points on the body.


PlushBeds gives customers a choice to choose between two types of mattress foundations: adjustable and orthopedic foundation. Both founds were tailored to work in harmony with the mattress, so as to provide extra support and also enhance the longevity of the mattress.

Customers who don’t like the traditional box spring mattresses will love the orthopedic foundation. The orthopedic foundation is constructed using solid wood and heavy-duty fabric. It is completely natural, and free from any chemicals or additives. That’s not all, the orthopedic foundation boosts the mattress up by 8-inches, and it also provides the perfect support, and breathability.

On the other hand, users who want consistent support but at the same time want control of both firmness and position of their mattress will find the adjustable foundation to be a perfect fit. The flexible foundation comes with removable legs, a wireless remote for control, and a powder-coated frame. Customers can choose between 6.5-inch legs and 8.5-inch legs.

Benefits of PlushBeds natural latex

Unlike several latex beds that use either synthetic latex or a combination of natural and synthetic latex, PlushBeds uses 100% natural latex. Natural latex comes from sap harvested from latex trees. It doesn’t require any additives or chemicals, and it provides lots of benefits for users.

Support and comfort are areas where the Botanical Bliss Mattress really shines. The natural latex in the mattress provides lots of support and comfort for your spine. The latex also prevents you from ending up in a weird sleeping position. You can choose from the various firmness levels available depending on your taste and requirements. Users of the mattress say they observe an inch or two of sinkage when they use the mattress, which creates a comfortable sleeping surface.

Latex is seen as a bouncy material, but you won’t experience so much bounce as the Botanical Bliss Mattress comes with a low motion transfer rating that smooths things out. With this, all the bounce effect is contained in one area rather than across the entire bed. So, if you are sleeping with another person, you can turn and move around on your own side of the bed without disturbing the other person. This feature is perfect for light sleepers who may have restless sleep partners. PlushBeds gives you the avenue to choose split and non-split option in the king and queen sizes. With the split option, you won’t even know your partner is moving on the bed.

Another fascinating benefit of the PlushBed Mattress is the unique temperature control. Your traditional memory foam usually retains heat, and this heat is absorbed by your body at night, causing you to sweat. However, with the Botanical Bliss Mattress, you don’t need to have such worries as the natural latex efficiently dissipates heat, allows enough breathability and air flow.
One tremendous benefits of natural latex are that it doesn’t possess any form of chemicals or additives that would emit bad smells for a couple of days. So, you can go ahead and use the Botanical Bliss Mattress as soon as you buy it, without having to air out for some days for fear of bad smells and emissions.

Choose From Many Different Comfort Levels and Sizes

PlushBeds has a huge range of mattresses to choose from in their Botanical Bliss line. The first difference is in the overall size. You can order twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. If desired, you can get a split design for the queen, king, or Cal king sizes. This ensures even less motion transfer on each side of the bed.

There are three thicknesses to decide between. You can get a 9 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch thick mattress. These feel roughly the same if you are smaller, but larger customers will do better with the thicker height. For a different feel, you can choose between three firmness levels. PlushBeds offers a soft, medium, and medium-firm option. The softer options feel cushiony and let you sink into the bed, but they do not provide as much support. Firmer options ensure that the spine remains in a neutral position throughout the night instead of sagging.

If you want multiple firmness options on the same mattress, you can speak to customer support at PlushBeds. They are very willing to provide customized options of the Botanical Bliss mattress. You can get one side firmer than the other if desired.

Specifications for the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

All options of the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress come in the same length and width, although the height may vary in respect to the option you select. The following are the specifications for a standard 10” mattress.

  • Twin size; 38-in by 75-in by 10-in
  • Twin XL size; 38-in by 80-in by 10-in
  • Full size; 54-in by 75-in by 10-in
  • Queen size; 60-in by 80-in by 10-in
  • King size; 76-in by 80-in by 10-in
  • Cali King size; 72-in by 84-in by 10-in

The weight of the mattress varies amongst the three options available. Expect your mattress to be a bit heavy. The reason for this is the natural latex used in designing the bed. The following are the weight specifications for a 10″ high PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress.

  • Twin – 75 pounds
  • Twin XL – 80 pounds
  • Full – 115 pounds
  • Queen – 130 pounds
  • King – 155 pounds
  • Cali King – 155 pounds

What should sleepers expect from the mattress?

Persons that are new to the natural latex sleeping surface will enjoy the fantastic sleeping experience the Botanical Bliss Mattress provides. The mattress is comfortable, bouncy and at the same time light. It offers an enjoyable surface to sleep on to lay or sit on. The mattress has a quick response time, which allows the mattress to conform to your body immediately.

The different levels of comfort to choose from, make the mattress ideal of varying sleeping styles. The medium-firm Botanical Bliss Mattress is ideal for back sleepers because it provides the perfect type of support. The soft or medium option is suitable for side sleepers because it allows you to sink in while relieving you of pressure. Stomach sleepers will prefer the medium-firm option because it compresses around the body, without letting you sink in, and causing any difficulty in breathing.

First-time users of PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress all have amazing things to say about the mattress. A common comment amongst people who have used the mattress is that they can sleep undisturbed at night without feeling excessive heat. The mattress provides a cool surface to sleep on, and it is a popular choice among people with hip/back pain.

Green Initiative

One of the standout features of the mattress and why it is a winner in the eyes of most persons is that the mattress is made with 100 percent natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials. From the latex to the wool, all the materials used in constructing the Botanical Bliss are environmentally friendly.

PlushBeds prides itself in being eco-friendly, hence why it employs eco-friendly materials and practices, some of which are identified below:

  • ARPICO-certified organic latex; Known as Sri Lanka’s largest latex exporter, ARPICO is a leading producer of certified-organic latex foam globally. They have as much as five million latex tree plantation that employs suitable and sustainable energy and agricultural practices.
  • USDA-certified organics; PlushBeds organic latex is certified to be organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. What that means is that the latex used by PlushBeds is cultivated naturally without the use of any chemicals, and additives in any form.
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified; For any product to have this certification, it must pass through stringent tests to make sure it is safe for schools, hospitals, and general healthcare facilities. The certification also shows that PlushBeds meets with the strict emission standards and requirements set.
  • Chemical Free Pure New Zealand Wool; The New Zealand Chemical Wool used in designing the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress is free from chemicals and other potentially harmful materials.
  • GOTS certified organic cotton cover; This certification stipulates that the cotton used in the production of the mattress was cultivated using organic practices from the planting phase to the harvesting phase.

A Healthy Solution

PlushBeds prides itself in maintaining eco-friendly standards, and this is evident in the Botanical Bliss Mattress. One thing most people look out for when buying a mattress is if the mattress will amplify their allergies. Part of the advertised claims of PlushBeds is that it is; resistant to dust mite, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. We decided to investigate and see how these claims hold.

Naturally, wool is hypoallergenic, and that means it can combat any allergy inclinations that users may possess. Also, wool also has the natural ability to prevent dust mite accumulation. The reason for this is that wool is a natural absorbent that facilitates cool, and dry environment. These conditions are hostile to molds, bacteria, and mildew. Also, latex is hypoallergenic. How effective wool and latex can be will depend on the individual.

On a side note, there is still a chance that mildew and mold can grow on latex and cotton if the conditions are right, and there is ample food, and moisture for growth.

We expect that anyone that will end up spending above $1000 will be also willing to take extra care of their mattress by keeping the bedroom clean, and free from moisture n dust and also keep the mattress pads and sheets clean on a regular basis. To get the best out of your mattress, ensure it is set on a flat, breathable surface. If you don’t have any flat or level surface, you can buy the foundations sold along with Botanical Bliss Mattress.

Ordering, unboxing and using the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

PlushBeds utilizes a straight line of operation. They do not use the services of intermediaries, retail outlets, rick and mortar stores, and the sell directly from the factory to the customer. All of these saves the cuts down extra prices that middlemen services might demand from the customer. Although PlushBeds mattresses like the Botanical Bliss Mattress, appear to be a bit expensive, they are worth the price in the end, given the value they guarantee.

For shipping possesses, the mattress is pressed down, sealed, and rolled into a more accommodating size. When you unroll it, it takes its appropriate shape. Mind you, because of the natural latex used, PlushBeds can be a bit heavy, so it is advisable to have another person help you with the moving and arrangement of the bed, most especially if you order a significant size.

PlushBeds understands that not all customers will like their products hence why they have a 100 Night Return Policy, as well as 100 Night Comfort Guarantee policy which allows users to return the bed, should you not like the mattress. You can return the mattress a no extra cost, and you will receive a full refund. You don’t have to worry about the packaging and pickup as PlushBeds handle it themselves.

Also, PlushBeds also allows you to return just the top layer of your mattress and exchange it for another one if you feel it is a bit too soft or firm.

All PlushBeds are easy to care for and maintain. Follow the company’s recommendations and directions, and you will enjoy your bed for years to come. The Botanical Bliss Mattress can be a bit weighty so you need to pick a frame that can support the weight of the bed. If you can’t find the right frame, you can purchase any of the frames and foundation options manufactured by PlushBeds.

Addressing the Concerns

Many people are wary of purchasing a mattress online. PlushBed’s works to dispel any concerns by offering free shipping and returns. Meanwhile, customers can utilize their 100-day risk-free trial to test out their mattress. It is important to note that this trial is only available to customers who purchase the mattress directly from PlushBeds. There are some Botanical Bliss mattresses available on alternative online retail sites, but many customers have complained that they did not receive the manufacturer’s guarantee when purchasing from alternative sellers.

What’s more, there are mixed reviews about the PlushBeds customer service department. While some customers complained that BlushBeds was difficult to work with, others had no issue scheduling returns.

The following are some of the benefits associated with the Botanical Bliss Mattress.

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Designed with 100 percent natural and eco-friendly materials
  • 100 Night Return Policy
  • 100 Night Comfort Guarantee policy
  • The mattress can last you up to 25 years when used and cared for as recommended
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Different thickness options to select
  • Free shipping as well as returns
  • Perfect for couples
  • Zero chemical emission
  • Temperature control
  • Quiet surface to sleep on
  • Value for money

Who is this Mattress Ideal for?

  1. The mattress is ideal for environmentalists with a free budget. The mattress comes with lots of certifications that backs it up, so you can be assured that you are getting a tested and trusted top-quality product.
  2. The mattress is perfect for individuals who want a cool surface to sleep on. The wool and latex combo does a great job of combating heat, and giving you a cool surface to sleep on.
  3. People who share a bed with a partner. It reduces noise, and motion, you won’t even realize that you are sleeping with another person on it. Its reactionary motion is contained in a particular area and doesn’t move through the bed. Persons who love structure and bounce will love the Botanical Bliss Mattress.
  4. It is also a great mattress for people with allergies. The mattress is mildew and mold resistant, and it also can fend off dust mites more than your regular mattresses.

The Disadvantages

  • It is a bit pricey, and you have to spend upwards of $1000 to get it
  • Poor edge support
  • No free shipping for customers staying outside the United States
  • Not really ideal for stomach sleepers
  • Delivery time is a bit long
  • Purchases can only be made online.

Who is this Mattress Not For?

Firstly, because of its price, the mattress is not made for persons living on a tight budget. There are lots of pocket-friendly mattresses in the market that are eco-friendly as well and would do an excellent job of giving you a comfortable surface to sleep, although their quality may be far off from the Botanical Bliss Mattress. So, if you have a tight budget, you can also look for more suitable alternatives, but mind you, not all company’s offer free shipping and return policy like PlushBeds.

Final Words

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss gives us lots of reasons to adore it. The mattress is very expensive, but then for the value, you are going to get, along with the plethora of benefits, it is worth every penny as long as you can afford it. The price might be a turn off for most persons, and the mattress doesn’t have proper edge support.

The mattress is environmentally friendly, and its use of natural, organic materials, is part of the reason why we rank it so highly in our lists. The mattress comes with lots of certifications to back its safety claims. Mind you, to get some of these certifications; a product has to go through an extensive series of tests. You don’t have to worry about any emissions, or harsh smells coming from the mattress.

The company offers an extended trial period for you to decide whether you love the product or not. That shows the confidence they have in the mattress. Besides, the company covers costs in regards to delivery and returns for persons staying within the US.

On a general scale, the PlushBeds is a real value for money. It is a comfortable surface to sleep on, and it comes with the perfect firmness and support. Customers can choose from various sizes and firmness options according to their specifications. The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress is a winner amongst latex beds, and if you can afford it, you won’t regret purchasing this eco-friendly mattress.

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