Looking to upgrade your furniture and spruce up your home décor? Nearly everything is available online nowadays – from groceries, mobile accessories, clothing, to even furniture. Don’t get us wrong; we recognize and appreciate the euphoric feeling of wandering through showrooms and running physical tests of the coziest sofas, but online shopping is admittedly more convenient. Well, as long as you’re smart about how you shop.

Online shopping for your furniture is not just about browsing and clicking on the fanciest or cheapest options – there’s some finesse you have to employ. You’ve probably heard scary testimonials of people ordering items online only to get deliveries that don’t look anything like the advertised image. To prevent such mishaps, it’s essential to order your furniture from reputable online shops with a positive track record. If you’re not sure where to start, below are the top 10 best furniture online shops in the U.S. The list includes everything from splurge-worthy staples to budget-friendly gems.

1. Overstock

Do you love the surplus merchandise and new items that characterize warehouse stores? If so, you’ll love Overstock! The online shop offers a mix of web-only finds, and deeply discounted furniture items – which are affordable yet high-quality.

The site is well organized for easy navigation, especially for those of you who fancy digging deeper for the perfect look. You can easily filter your search by categories such as price range, style, and color.

Are you on an artist’s block? No worries – Overstock offers intuitive and trending decorating ideas to keep you inspired.

As a major retailer, you’re assured that any item you order is in-stock and available for shipping. Successfully purchased items above $45 are shipped for free within 2 days. For “y’all” blockchain fanatics, you’ll be delighted to learn that Overstock accepts bitcoin payment – and it was the first major retailer to do so.

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2. Wayfair

What better way to describe Wayfair than affordable, convenient, and simple? As one of the best furniture online shops in the U.S., Wayfair seems to have every home décor item you can picture. From desktop accessories, patio chairs, barstools, to a large living sofa, the furniture online appears to have it all. To be honest, you might even feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of options that are all available at a surprisingly reasonable price.

“Sales! Sales! Sales!” if such as tag excites you, then Wayfair is your go-to furniture online shop. The site seems to have some kind of sale going on all the time – which is a nice touch to their already low prices. If you’re unfortunate to receive a damaged item or even the wrong color sofa, Wayfair’s customer service is quick and relatively responsive.
They offer customers a full refund within 30 days to ensure you only buy what makes you happy. Items above $49 are shipped for free within 2 days or more.

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3. AllModern

Although AllModern is a division of Wayfair, the furniture online shop is well-established – hence, earning a place as one of the best furniture online shops in the U.S. The store offers anything from TV stands, office furniture, coat racks, bedroom furniture, ergonomic chairs, lighting, and coffee tables, to name a few.

The wide selection of furniture is designed to make the most of your available space. In fact, most interior design experts recommend AllModern as an ideal furniture online shop for minimalists. They allow you to review room ideas and find the best setup or design for your space. Worried about misleading product images or getting the wrong measurements? AllModern makes the product selection process easier by providing detailed specifications, a rich gallery, and accurate dimensions.

Did we mention that this online shop offers affordable furniture? They even go a step further to add a cherry on top of their offers by running occasional discounted sales. If your order is above $49, AllModern can deliver the goods right to your doorstep – for free! If you have any concerns or compliments, their customer experience agents are available over phone or email.

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4. Target

Perhaps the most popular superstore in this list, Target has managed to cultivate an impressive reputation in the furniture market due to its reliability. In addition to nearly 2,000 brick-and-mortar stores, Target runs an equally impressive online shop. So what makes Target one of the best furniture online shops in the U.S.?

It’s perhaps their extensive list of some of the newest and exclusive furniture from trendy brands such as Opalhouse, Heart & Hand with Magnolia, Project62, and Pillowfort. Shopping at Target means that you’re getting unique furnishing at a reasonable price. They aim to work within your budget by offering both splurge-worthy items and more affordable pieces.

The Target website is easy to navigate and quite appealing to the eyes. Whether you’re using the mobile app or the website, you’ll love the experience. You get all the offerings that are available in the storefronts and more. If you prefer to hand-pick your furniture from a nearby offline store, you can still use the online shop to window shop and narrow down on exactly what you want to buy.

Tip: Keep an eye on the sales category or subscribe to their newsletter to make the most of their exclusive club deals, liquidation, weekly deals, and other special offers.

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5. Pier1

If you live in Canada or the United States, you should be well aware of Pier 1. The offline and online store is best known for its range of furniture pieces from countries around the globe. But what makes them one of the best furniture online stores in the U.S.?

Pier 1 has everything you need to design a cozy home. For nearly 6 decades since its establishment in the early 60s, Pier 1 has been home to statement pieces – you know, those whimsical and colorful items that complement your home décor. Their selection includes both contemporary and modern styles at an affordable price.

Guess what smacks you in the face whenever you open the Pier1 homepage? Before you overthink the answer, we’re talking about large promotional texts and discounts on select items. The furniture online shop offers lucrative special offers in nearly every department.

Although they offer delivery, you can opt to pick up your furniture from one of their offline stores – which are distributed all over North America. If your purchase doesn’t meet your specifications, you can request a refund within 45 days.

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6. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is yet another titan in the home décor market – and rightfully so. The online shop stands out as one of the best due to its dedication to budget-minded consumers and quick delivery. Wondering how they make this process so seamless? Most of the designers at Ashley Furniture coordinate their collections (from complementary accessories to major pieces) – helping you achieve a cohesive look faster than you can explore one of their giant HomeStores.

Are you an industry professional or interior designer? And do you fancy a 20% discount? If so, you’d be wise to enroll in Ashley Furniture’s Trade Program. Their product range is so vast that you’re likely to feel overwhelmed – unless you utilize one of their intuitive filtering options. You can shop according to color, lifestyles, collections, style, and room. Unlike most furniture online shops in the U.S., Ashley Furniture is keen on preserving the environment. They recycle most of their material and partner with several environmental protection initiatives.

Ashley Furniture offers both in-home and regular delivery depending on your purchase. For example, if you order small items such as a bunch of chairs and rugs, you’ll receive them under regular delivery through USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Alternatively, you can find and pick up most of the collections at some of their neighborhood retail stores. It’s also worth mentioning that Ashley Furniture has Android and iOS applications to improve the user experience – yes, that how much they are dedicated to their customers.

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7. Lowes

Home improvement and DIY enthusiasts, where you at? Lowes’ selection and budget-friendly pricing allow you to actualize your renovation project with minimal hustle. This is a one-stop-shop for outdoor items, appliances, furniture pieces, tools, and anything else that you may need to improve your home. In a nutshell, Lowes is a store for the average American.

Looking to acquire that upholstered love seat you’ve been eyeing with your spouse for ages? You can save big with one of Lowes’ attractive promotions – but you’ll need to devote your time to check up of the daily and weekly tips.

Although there is nothing visually captivating about their website, it’s simple, well-tailored, and optimized – which is all that matters to consumers. Similar to other large retailers such as Ashley Furniture, Lowes has highly rated iOS and Android applications to improve your shopping convenience. Upon a successful purchase, they offer free shipping on orders above $45. Fun fact: Did you know that they also deliver to non-continental regions of America such as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Palau, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska?

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8. Lulu and Georgia

Decorative pillows, eclectic lighting, chic vintage-inspired mirrors, glamourous headboards, bohemian wood tables, and modern tufted are a few examples of the home décor selection available and Lulu and Georgia. The web marketplace is home to a truckload of in-house designs and exclusive home furnishings that can be easily mistaken for rare finds from an underground boutique. This massive furniture online shop is the brainchild of Sara Sugarman nearly a decade ago.

Are you strapped for cash? You’d be better off taking a look at other online stores on this list. The pricing at Lulu and Georgia is relatively higher than that of its peers. But then again, what do you expect from a store that offers high-end collections? We’re talking about hip décor items and exclusive styles from around the world. But if you’re relentless on scoring a vintage chair to impress your crew, the store offers lots of specials offers and discounts.

Navigation and shopping at Lulu and Georgia is seamless courtesy of the price ranges, categories, brands, and other aesthetic preferences. The website is designed to help users locate their desired products as fast as possible. If you hate opening countless tabs, you’ll love their ‘quick shop’ button that allows you to view product details from a category page.

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9. Bed Bath and Beyond

What comes to mind when some mention Bed Bath and Beyond? The store is well-known for selling practically anything you need to furnish a home from towels to large sofas. They offer a huge collection of affordable yet stylish furniture to decorate your home from scratch. Whether you’re heading off to college or renting your first apartment, Bed Bath and Beyond is the go-to store for millions of Americans.

They offer refunds of exchanges for unsatisfactory products within 14 days. Thanks to their store locator, you can research an item in their online store and pick it up in a nearby Bed Bath and Beyond offline store.

Tip: Registering for the Bed Bath and Beyond loyalty program allows you to save up to 20% on all your purchases.

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10. One Kings Lane

Ready to decorate your living space with luxury furniture? Visit One Kings Lane for a wide range of high-end collections from some of the best interior designers in the industry. You can find impressive items such as accent chairs designed by Bunny Williams or unique coffee tables by Theodore Alexander. The styles include anything from Modern Glamour, Hotel Luxe, American Classic, to European Rustic.

In addition to their wide selection of top-quality furniture pieces, One Kings Lane provides a unique opportunity for consumers to customized furniture designs. Their mission is to transform your living space into an interior design masterpiece. Their website is user-friendly with a minimalistic design that allows you to shop conveniently.

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