Zoro.com is an online industrial supply outlet that provides individuals, and business with their industrial supply needs.

How it works

Details on the website Zoro.com has worked hard to provide their customers with a huge selection of more than one million industrial supply products, all of which are priced at “great prices.” In addition, in order to best serve their customers, they say that they provide fast delivery options and dedicated Customer Service professionals.show that the website has been in business since 2011 and in that time, they have supplied their customers with an extensive collection of industrial supply products. Each of these products all come at “great prices.” Part of their business ethics includes responsive customer service, along with fast delivery.

The website provides customers with two options to find their intended supply products. Firstly, customers can utilize the website’s search tab to look for their products, and secondly, customers can go through the various products categories to find their intended products. These categories are divided into; Plumbing and HVAC, Safety and Security, Electrical and Lightning, Welding, and lots more.

The website encourages customers to leave feedback at all times so they can always improve their services and products. Through this, they can always know areas they can update their performance, and areas that don’t work.


Because of the extensive array of products on the website, it is difficult to put a price cap on the products up for sale. Also, the website also runs regular promotions, and discount sales on a number of their product, so this also makes it difficult to quote a specific price on all products.

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy of the company is straightforward and simple. They offer a complete refund or exchange option. They state that any customer not satisfied with their purchase can return or exchange the product with 30 days of the shipping date indicated on the invoice.

Certain products are non-refundable as stated on the Website “Due to variations on market conditions, it may be difficult to refund some certain products. If you happen to order one of such products, we will contact you, and restate the restriction policy on that product, and give you the option to either go ahead with the order or cancel it.”

All refunded products will have to be sent back in their original packaging, and also with a RAN (Return Authorization Number) that will be provided to you by the Customer Service Team through the phone. In addition, customers are also advised to send along their original order confirmation slip to signify proof of purchase.

Failure to send over the required paperwork along with the product will attract a 15% restocking fee from the customer.

Customer Service Information

A customer can contact the company via the Contact Us Link on the website or via phone on 855-289-9676


There are lots of mixed reviews about Zoro.com, with several complaints on the company’s poor customer service. Even though Zoro.com tries to paint a picture of a well ran customer service center, it would seem several customers are unsatisfied with the service repeatedly.

Other Alternatives

It will be better to look for specialist product suppliers to get your products, as it might be difficult to find a retailer that provides them with the same extensive products that Zoro.com guarantees.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Zoro.com reviews below.